Tasting Saloon

Taste our wines before deciding to buy in the comfort of our tasting saloon with exclusive wine samples from our Vineyard.

Open Daily

11:00-5:00 Fri, Sat, Sun, Otherwise call for appointment.

Western Charm

The Tasting Saloon
was inspired by the famous western saloons of 18th century wild west where discourse and passion for the good life reigned.


The Vineyard
is set amidst the rolling, oak-studded hills and the solitude of a country estate. This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy fine wine in an unhurried, tranquil atmosphere.


Mark Johnson
This place is great if you want to taste different wines and relax in a nice environment. Pat was very helpful in helping me select something I would enjoy.
Olivia Grosh
Trust me, the wine is fantastic and the view's are worth it.
Patrick Pool
I would definitely come back. On a date, with my friends, with my parents...anytime I am looking forward to a glass of wine (or three!)
Dexter Red